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Our husbands accept that this is a sacred gathering that they're not invited to — except, that night, one friend's phone did not stop blowing up with angry texts the entire time we were out: "It's 9 p.m. But then the confessions started pouring out: "He always jokes that I have friends and he doesn't and it makes me feel guilty.""He acts like he's too good to meet my friends' husbands." "He's more into his video games than joining a sports league or something social." "He looks hurt every time I do something without him but he never makes the effort to do anything with the friends he does have."I love spending time with my husband — I crave our nights together to connect or catch up on crappy TV. " The clincher came after she stopped responding: "Well, enjoy your A-plus social life while I'm here on the D-list!Not many films or TV programs have used Harlem as a backdrop.And the shows and films that have often made Harlem one-dimensional.But as my friends and I agreed — we all need nights out with just the girls nights at home alone.We want our husbands to bro it out with their friends.But how to tell your husband to get out more without offending him or making him feel like he has no life?Is there a way to come across like you're helping — not meddling, coddling or even shaming?

"When you're so deep in it, you don't really pay attention. You just think it's normal, but when I'm traveling to places now and experiencing different environments and seeing how people move I've come to the conclusion that Chicago is really messed up."His upcoming project will arrive with production from A-list beatsmiths (Boi-1da, Hit-Boy, and DJ Mustard have already thrown their beats into the ring), and Bibby has some wish-list collaborations in mind, including Drake, Pusha T, Juicy J, and the legendary Scarface. "A lot of people go off what they see on TV or hear in rap, and I don't think some rappers really tell that story fluently.

If you’re near Pittsburgh May 15, you might want to see this: Here and Now: Queer Geographies In Contemporary Photography, at Silver Eye Center for Photography.

A few months ago, I was out to dinner with a group of friends for our monthly "book club" (AKA our excuse to try new restaurants and vent about our lives). " We all laughed and made fun of him for acting like such a drama queen.

Thankfully, this series not only lives and breathes Harlem USA but it brings the old Harlem sensibilities and marries them with the new Harlem ambitions.

Harlem itself becomes its own distinct character in this series.


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