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@danbjoseph I suppose that by definition a line should contain two or more points?

@Jefferson_Francisco I invite you to take a look at the thread on Collect geotrace and geoshape improvements and see whether you would like to propose making this a geotrace requirement along with other proposed changes.

Most validation improvements are also already available in the latest Magic Draw versions, which has multiple valuable enhancements and hundreds of bug fixes.

Hi there, I want to apply an email validation feature to my survey, I came this link [ regular expres...vey#Email_Validation :] which gave me this /^(\w[-._ \w]*\[email protected]\w[-._\w]*\w\.\w)$/ but I am not sure where to put it.

Validation has been happening every minute or so, and takes ten to fifteen seconds each time. I've tried to turn active validation off but have not been able to figure out how to.

I tried putting it the the condition editor of my questions, but it ended up deleting the following question. Hello, You can use some PHP script with ajax, but it's very difficult to be sure that a email exist and is valid.

What can be done before sending: - Check the email have correct caracters - Check if domain exist - Use the smtp server in your server to check if the user exist (hardly part) Denis Assistance on Lime Survey forum and Lime Survey core development are on my free time. belar.(direct user at a server: must be allways good): broken.

You do not need to validate your product in order to continue using it (will simply need to update the theme manually), however doing so will unlock many great features including automatic updates and access to Extensions.

We are trying to validate our OJS repository in Openarchive, however it is giving us 3 bugs that we have not been able to solve.


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