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After that, I’ll give some tips on how to achieve this.

Updating content is important, because you don’t want people to find information on your website that isn’t valid anymore.

Great search results are based, in part, on how valuable people find your page.

To make this work in your favor, look to grab the attention of your readers by telling a story using descriptions, or help the reader see things from your point of view.

I understand that this content doesn’t change that often, but make sure that changes are actually being made!

Keeping the content of your website up to date and fresh is important if you want to attract readers from the search engines with (somewhat) older posts.

I do some research for each and every one of those (I really do! So, I (should) take the time regularly to update my ultimate guide. If you have to make choices which articles to tackle and update first, take a look at which pages generate a lot of traffic. These are the pages that are actually seen by your audience.

So updating your content will make it more appealing, and that appeal will tell Google it’s a better resource that should rank higher.Imagine a blog that hands out SEO advice to its readers.Older posts shouldn’t contain advice that isn’t valid anymore.Updating your content provides a lot of different benefits.Here are the 14 reasons you should update your old content, and how it will increase your search engine traffic. brings up these results: You’ll notice that the oldest of them has a date of July 28, 2016, while the newest was published in March of 2016.If these articles aren’t read by anyone either, you could decide to delete them all together. If you do decide to delete a post, make sure to read Joost’s post about properly deleting a post.


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