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If the flooded area is very large, extreme measures such as drilling a rescue shaft may be required.

A shaft was used to rescue miners at the Quecreek mine.

Inundation, or water suddenly entering a mine, is not that uncommon.

In fact, there are four ways excessive water can enter a mine and cause problems: Typically, water rapidly enters a mine in one of these four scenarios, cutting off escape routes for miners.

If you imagine a ‘normal’ nanoparticle as a pedestrian walking through the inner-city of Frankfurt, an ultra-small nanoparticle would be, analogously, a small dog who is accompanying him.

The particles are smaller than individual molecules and small enough to be excreted out of the kidney.

They produce heat thereby, which either kills the tumour cells directly or renders them vulnerable vis-à-vis attendant radiation or chemo-therapy.Mine engineers are constantly reminded of the need to provide multiple, independent escape routes for miners to prevent them from being trapped in cases such as this.When inundations trap miners, the initial response is generally to bring in additional pumps to lower the water level and permit miners to escape.But their deployment often times has to overcome a few obstacles.A person taking a walk through the inner-city of Frankfurt: this is more or less the way that the difference in dimensions between a nanoparticle and a human cell can be perceived.The particles are up to 100 nanometres in size, but usually smaller than 50 nanometres and are considered in various medical fields to be beacons of hope for new treatment and diagnostic procedures.


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