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Open your mouth wide Agnes instructed Ciara, "wider" Agnes told her. Agnes now bent to the bag and took out a set of straps which she fitted over the girl's head over the knickers and busied herself fitting the straps to the young girl's head.

A ball gag was attached to the straps and this Agnes placed this into the stain on the gusset of the knickers and push the lot into Ciara's mouth.

The scent of the older woman engulfed her completely.

Zoe turned back to the widow her clipped stored in the cloud, but the scene that faced her was shocking for the first time in her life saw her nan naked.

Ciara was now reduced to a mere object for Agnes to use.

Ciara knew this old grandmother of 62 now had total control over her.

Her beautiful well-tanned and toned body craved this domination and humiliation from Agnes.

There were two smaller straps either side of the set and these would be the rains the rider would use to steer her pony.

Zoe checked the time on her camera and pointed it back towards the women.


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