Dating profile for burrge

Women, don’t hold the camera so high that it looks like a shot from someone whom you are standing at the crotch at. You won’t know until you try it in the exact light you have available.

If you have another location to try, change locations and repeat.

That’s because the picture doesn’t invite anyone to actually read any of that.

Your dating profile picture is the thing that 100% of all people in your preferences will see and make an immediate judgement on.

(You may not like your body, but this is the body shot so you aren’t “false advertising” on your profile…

get people who like you for you, not people tricked into liking someone you are not.)Make sure your arms aren’t cut off. Make sure you aren’t standing like you’re taking a police mug shot.

The three photos you need are, in order Portrait, Fun/Action, Dressed Up/Classy.

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Go through them and pick out the best 2 that are very different from each other. First, Crop and Lens Blur the photo so that there is only a few inches around the outside of you, and that everything outside of you has a slight blur, making you the focus. NOW SAVE (so you have a regular enhanced, then continue).Fifth (optional), use filters like HDR Scape, Drama, Grunge, etc to see if there are filters that can help compliment you and make your photo stand out.Remember, use small adjustments or you’ll look like a ridiculously smooth, large eyed, giant crooked smile, horror movie barbie doll!This means slightly angling your body, cocking your head, etc.If you are a man, you should be standing above the camera ,so that the picture is taken at a slight upward angle.Most people who are serious about setting up a dating profile spend a lot of time writing up long profiles detailing who they are and what they want.


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