Dating 101 why am i still single

These reasons will work from the general to the specific.I’ve used links to articles in Wikipedia as much as possible because Wiki articles are refined over time with our understanding of the subjectmatter and are less subject to link-rot.

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Please feel free to refine this list and repost it, just please preserve the photo credits and links to photographers.The Theory of Evolution is strong enough that nearly half these examples could be disproved and the evidence would still be fairly overwhelming.There is so much in this world that only makes sense in the light of Evolutionary Theory. Some of these layers are from the decomposition of sediment, others come from chemical precipitation, others from decaying organic matter, and others from volcanic lava.How genes and mutations work give us insights and tools into how evolution works.All life on Earth uses a three-letter code to produce 20 standard amino acids.Mutations that reduce an organism’s ability to survive and reproduce will be less likely to end up in offspring.


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